How to Register and Trade Forex at Exness

How to Register and Trade Forex at Exness

What is Forex?

Forex is also known as Foreign Exchange (FX). It is biggest market in the world by far, there is high liquidity in the forex market.

The forex market is a decentralized financial market which allows traders to exchange currencies, making a profit when they predict the direction of the market correctly. The scope of forex itself is huge, with a daily trading volume in excess of USD 5.1 trillion. No commodity market, futures market or stock exchange can equal forex.
How to Register and Trade Forex at Exness

For example: the exchange rate of EUR/USD is 1.2300. You predict the upcoming exchange rate will increase. You will actively open a buy order. When the price rises correctly as expected, you start making a profit. The higher the price is, the higher the profit increases until you close your trade. Conversely, if the price falls, you will lose. Either you proactively cut your losses by the level you set, or the money will continue to decrease until you run out of the money that you have opened the order.

Why should I Trade Forex at Exness?

Exness is indeed a reliable broker; more attractive for professional traders than for beginners. Not because they do not offer themselves to beginners, professional traders tend to get the best out of Exness with their trading conditions.

Exness prides itself on being a fintech leader which provides innovative technological solutions, the highest quality of service and some of the best trading conditions in the industry.
How to Register and Trade Forex at Exness

Advantages include:

  • Minimum deposit – 1$
  • High-speed order execution
  • Highest forex leverage in the market
  • Trading costs and spreads are low
  • Customer Support operates in world regions available 24/7
  • Provides a wide variety and Instant withdrawal and deposit system.
  • Provides adequate trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Mobile trading platform and an MT4 Web Terminal.
  • Provides forex traders with more than 90 forex trading account currency options.
  • Provides effective trading tools like trading indicators and chartings systems.
  • Gives forex traders the ability to trade more than 120 currency pairs.
  • Availability of a free VPS hosting.
  • Regulated by a good number of financial regulatory authorities: CySEC, FCA, BaFin, MiFID, ICF, SVGFSA
  • Client funds kept in segregated accounts
  • Dealing-Desk Broker
  • Copy Trading System

Exness is available for everyone; they offer a wide range of account types, all designed to suit a diverse range of trading styles. They are divided into two main types: Standard and Professional. Each account type offers its own set of conditions for commission, margin call, and leverage among many others.

Standard Accounts

  • Standard
  • Standard Cent

Professional Accounts

  • Pro
  • Zero
  • Raw Spread

For our Standard Account type, the minimum deposit is $1USD and you can start trading right away. For our Professional Account types, the minimum deposit is $200USD.

If you would like to give trading a try, Exness does offer Demo accounts. These don’t require real money to trade and are helpful as a trading practice. Open up a Demo Account and start practicing today.
And If you have experience with other brokers, you might understand why many users choose EXNESS as their preferred broker.

How to open a Forex trading account at Exness

I have put together a simple guide on how to get your Exness account up and running in 2 simple steps. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Register account

Creating a Personal Area with Exness is really simple. All you need is your email address and then you can go to our website: to get started.

How to Register and Trade Forex at Exness

Step 2: Trade with Demo account

After complete step above, it will navigate you to this screen as below. You also get $ 10,000 free in Demo account. Take advantage of this to become familiar with and apply your method to Forex transactions.

Click, Trade" button
How to Register and Trade Forex at Exness
When you start trading forex with Exness, you’ll use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5), which are the most popular forex trading platforms in the market.
If you dont want to download anything, you can trade MT4, MT5 platform on Web

How to Register and Trade Forex at Exness

Congrats, you can trade with Demo account at Exness now. All that’s left to do is to place your first trade. Let’s get started:
If youre feeling confident , you can choose to open a live account , watch the article here
How to Register and Trade Forex at Exness

How to trade at Exness

As a default, the top currency pair on the list will have an open chart. Right click on the chart and select the “close” option.

How to Register and Trade Forex at Exness
As a professional trader, selecting the right pair requires some research. For a first-time test, any pair will be sufficient. Drag a pair from the list of currencies on the left side of the trading terminal and drop it in the middle. Now you can see the price line for that currency pair.

Remember, the chart indicates the price of the base currency (the first three letters of the currency pair). If you have EURUSD open, and the chart shows an upward trend, then the euro is on the rise.
The old saying goes, “what goes up, must come down.” Obviously, this principle goes the other way too. Your mission is to find a moment when the price direction is going to swing or reverse. If you feel the price is about to go up (bullish), then Buy, if it looks like it’s been trading high and the price has started a downward (bearish) trend, then Sell.

Making a trade

There are many ways to open your trade. You can select from the buy and sell options on the top left of the chart. Preferably, double-click the currency pair on the list. Right click on the chart when you’re ready to make your first trade. Time to set the trading volume, depending on how confident you are, in the direction you are forecasting. This is also the perfect time to set your Stop Loss and Take Profit. Click the arrow to the right of the Stop Loss and Take Profit prices.

Fill in the required fields:
  • Symbol: Choose a trading instrument from the drop down list, which shows the symbols you’ve added to your Market Watch window.
  • Type of order: Choose either Market Execution or Pending Order. Pro accounts have access to Instant Execution too.
  • Volume: Type the lot size (volume you want to trade) for your order. The minimum and maximum lot size depends on your account type.
  • Trade Type: Choose Buy or Sell as desired.
How to Register and Trade Forex at Exness

Note how the blue and dark red lines in the popup graph sit above and below the Buy (Ask) and Sell(Bid) price. In the example, we traded long (Buy) and got a message confirming that the order was successful. If you get an error, then probably the volume you set was too high for your balance, or your Stop Loss/Take Profit was too close to the spread.

Remember, every order starts as a negative result because of the spread. Be patient. Your Take Profit will activate when the time is right, and your Stop Loss is protecting you.
To close an order, you have three options. At the bottom, click the X on the right or right-click the order. If you double click the order, you can close or modify the order.

That’s it! Now you know how to place a forex trade via MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5.

Forex trading can be an exciting way to spend your free time, and youll actually learn some real-world skills that will serve you well throughout your lifetime.
and who knows, you might one day be one of the lucky few full-time traders. How will you spend your day?

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